Become a Volunteer :") !

Volunteer !

Join hands in our efforts to verify and suthenticate our community supported Covid-19 treatment resources listings and info across the different states of India!

How does it work?

We collect info from the community. Anybody can contribute info to our site. Then it's the precious job of our volunteers to validate and authenticate the info in our database. Our data pages are programmed to fetch the verified data from the databases for people to avail and search through them. :")

We need lot of people to join with us so that we can maintain and validate a nationwide databases of available covid info in these trying times.

Seems good? Join Us ASAP !

Before joining us as volunteer, you must affirm to the following:


Hereby I truthfully and consciously affirm that:

  1. I will never willingly provide a false information to this website.
  2. Neither do I support nor I am associated with black marketing of any covid 19 related resources (example: medical Oxygen, drugs etc).
  3. I don’t act as an illegal middleman for covid 19 related resources (example: medical oxygen, drugs etc).
  4. I am associated with no other form of illegal works and I don’t have any police complaint and court case against me.
  5. I will comply with all instructions/operating procedures given by the team leaders.

By checking "I agree", you are affirming to all the above points.